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The Alaska Association of Professional Landmen (AKAPL) is a non-profit professional organization and an affiliate organization of the American Association of Professional Landmen. The American Association of Professional Landmen is composed of 44 affiliate organizations throughout North America with more than 18,000 members.

The AKAPL was establish in 1961 as a proliferation of company landmen and other land professionals arrived in Alaska shortly after the Swanson River oil and Kenai Gas Field discoveries in the late 1950s. For decades, the AKAPL has provided a venue for landmen working in Alaska to network, learn about new rules and policies, and initiate deals. Today, AKAPL membership has reached a new high with members from oil and gas majors and independents, mining companies, state and federal agencies, law firms, and consulting companies.

The AKAPL is organized for the following purpose:

  • To cultivate cordial relations among members of the Association through regular meetings and through social and recreational events

  • To further the education and broaden the scope of the professional landman

  • To promote effective communication between the Association and government, community, and industry with regard to energy related issues.

The AKAPL advances its purposes through its monthly luncheon speaker series which affords a networking opportunity for members and updates on Alaska oil and gas projects and pertinent land and ethics issues. The AKAPL also participates in fundraisers for local charities and will begin hosting a Lands Forum in 2017. We hope to expand our influence in Alaska by providing training and education to our members and others who perform natural resource and land work in the Last Frontier.

If you’d like to attend an upcoming meeting or become a member, please contact Kyle Smith at 907-269-8807.

Background Photo Courtesy ConocoPhillips
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